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What is Abstract Tube?

Abstract Tube is a video sharing website centered on scientific abstracts. But that is not all.

There, you can find abstracts of journal articles, conference presentations, thesis & dissertation, patents, books and even educational or documentary movies.

So far there has never been before a place exclusively for conference posters or supplementary videos of research to be uploaded to. Not only you can share your work with the whole world but you can ,at the same time, find a source of endless citations for your next project.

Till now scientific abstracts were shared by other popular social media like Youtube, Facebook and LinkedIn. You might wonder what more Abstract Tube has to offer. The answer is simple.  The benefit of having an easier access to finding any related contents and getting it cited in its right form. Furthermore making a video for your scientific abstract is way more fun and it has been proved that a video can engage the audience more than any text could ever do.

According to its creator Sarbojeet Jana, PhD, Abstract Tube plans to collaborate with journal publishers, universities, and scientific conference events, as well as offer services like video production and script writing to encourage abstract video creation. Video abstracts will be the future in the scholarly world and will help revolutionize the way scientific content is broadcasted to the world.

So check out the website of Abstract Tube and find out the possibilities to use this resource for your own abstracts and join the revolution!