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Your partner in welding transformers

With short lead times, high-quality alloys and custom-made parts, this company is your partner for everything related to metal and industry. With a wide range of products, such as welded mire mesh, resistance welding and die casting, Brouwer Metaal is the expert you need. Especially when you require welding transformers, this company from Ede, the Netherlands, is your partner. 

Custom-made welding transformers

The experts for Brouwer Metaal from Ede, the Netherlands, know welding transformers like the backs of their hands. This means they also understand that a welding transformer is a very specific piece of technology. Because of this, they make welding transformers specifically to your specifications. Whether you need a welding transformer in AC, DC or MF technology, this company is the one to call for custom-made parts. The cores are produced by these experts themselves, reducing the normal lead time to a total of just four weeks. If you wish to order a custom-made welding transformer, send a picture of the parameter plate and the dimension sheet of your transformer. With this information the engineers of this company will be able to produce the welding transformer that is specifically catered to your needs.

High-end copper alloys by Hovadur

Havadur is a brand renowned for its excellent copper alloys. Just like the welding transformers by Brouwers Metaal, the Hovadur parts can be custom-made to your specifications. The experts of this company recommend this brand because of its many benefits. It has a high heat resistance and hardness, next to its superior themal conductivity. Copper by Hovadur is used in high-quality parts and spare parts for industrial purposes. These can be, but are not limited to, electrode holders, laminated shunts and die casting parts. This company is excited to supply you with excellent a excellent welding transformer or parts by the famous Havadur brand all throughout Europe. With excellent services and technical advice, you should trust in this company for your welding equipment.