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What is a barred tee used for?

A barred tee is a system based on a regular tee. Actually, it is an ordinary tee with bar plates in the branch outlet. From the inside, it looks like a steel cage. The barred tee is essential for pigging. Pigging is the cleaning of your pipe system. In doing so, you can use an ecological cleaning prop, which is called the pig. A barred tee is actually used to steer the pig in the right direction as it cannot pass through the barred tee connections. Get help from a specialist for the installation of those tee-fittings to get the best out of the product.

What is cunifer and why do you need it?

Cunifer is the name for an alloy of copper (Cu), nickel (Ni) and iron (Fe). Cunifer pipes are widely used in maritime applications, offshore installations and the shipbuilding industry. Cunifer pipes are very suitable in the highly corrosive seawater environment because of their high corrosion protection. They are also a very economical choice for saltwater systems as they have anti-fouling qualities. You will find the best cunifer systems at an experienced specialist, such as Be sure to ask them for advice when choosing a system, so that you choose the right one.

Ask a specialist for advice

It is only logical that you will need help to purchase the right products for your system. So ask a specialist for help, such as Their range of products is enormous. So consult with them and choose the right products for your piping system. They consider it essential that their customers can see all the relevant details of their products at a glance, so that they can buy what they need quickly and efficiently. On their website, you will find all the required information for their specific products.