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Social Distancing Screens For The Education Sector

For those who have been home schooling, the re-opening of schools couldn’t have come sooner. But with every activity resuming to ‘normal’ and children mixing in the hundreds, could this increase the chances of the spread of germs?

With everyone playing their part and pulling together, it’s with great hope we strive to beat COVID-19. Additional measures have been put in to place to offer security to children and teachers, and we’re here to talk through the possible screening options and how they can be implemented.

Portable Room Dividers

One of the most versatile screens is the portable kind. With no room out of bounds, the portable solution can be wheeled from one room to the next with ease. A concertina design is not only portable but can be folded neatly away when not in use, ensuring minimal space is used.

With various finishes available, there’s a portable screen for all spaces within a school. Loop nylon accepts Velcro dots, white gloss can be wiped clean and used as a white board and you can even print your own custom design on the printed screen.

Suitable for areas such as: halls, canteens, classrooms

With access to so many choices, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Freestanding Acrylic Screens

Acrylic screening has been a popular choice throughout all industries, for many obvious reasons. It’s versatile, allows visibility and most importantly, can be cleaned and sanitised. With the help of freestanding acrylic screens large open spaces can be divided to create smaller zones which are suitable for smaller classes or year groups.

Another benefit of the clear Perspex is the ability to communicate. With full visibility you’ll be able to see and speak to others, all whilst feeling safe in your own bubble.

Suitable for canteens, learning areas, corridors

Desktop Dividers

Desktop dividers have been a popular choice within offices for years and still work effectively to divide desk space. Usually, placed within an office setting, the divider has been revamped and restyled to suit the social distancing need.

Easy clean, acrylic desktop dividers have been introduced to simply sit on top of the desk. Which can be useful in classrooms, libraries, and staff room, but also extends to the reception area.

Available with and without a cut out. The cut out allows ease of passing important papers or documents without coming to close or into contact with others.

To know measures and rules have been put in place to keep everyone as safe as possible is great. But to know there are extra precautions and solutions available is an added peace of mind we all need in this unusual time, we all call normal.