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Practical support and coaching for entrepreneurs in Birmingham – WBsupport

Welcome to WBsupport, the specialist in web and SEO support. You can come to us for various services, including video coaching modules, web and SEO support and private consultations for entrepreneurs. Our company is run by Marc Geraeds, an experienced entrepreneur and business coach with over 25 years of experience. He has founded several companies in his 25 years as an entrepreneur and therefore has extensive knowledge in organization, sales, marketing and team management. He also has extensive experience in web development and improving search engine rankings through Google SEO. He enjoys helping entrepreneurs grow their business successfully.

Marc offers 12 video modules in which he shares his valuable knowledge so entrepreneurs can get a head start in starting their business. He also offers private consultations for personal advice and support. WBsupport helps entrepreneurs make quick and informed decisions and significantly increase their chances of success. WBsupport’s goal is to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses successfully with practical support and coaching. WBsupport is the specialist in business support. Contact WBsupport today and let us be your reliable companion during your entrepreneurial journey.

What is the length of the videos in the video modules?

The length of the videos in the video modules is approximately 15 minutes per video. Each video provides concise and focused coaching content compiled from Marc’s own experiences, knowledge and vision. He has carefully curated and compiled the most relevant topics to provide the best business coaching Birmingham, Manchester or elsewhere opportunities. With Marc’s coaching, you won’t have to repeat the same mistakes he made.

The videos contain years of experience and wisdom, allowing you to benefit from Marc’s insights and avoid common pitfalls. Whether it’s setting up your business structure, formulating effective strategies or navigating challenges, Marc’s videos will provide you with the tools and understanding needed to make quick and informed decisions. With Marc’s guidance, you can confidently begin your entrepreneurial journey and significantly increase your chances of achieving rapid success. Let Marc’s video modules be your trusted companion as you build and grow your business in Birmingham.