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Improve the quality of your materials with the application of a coating

The experts at CP Phenolics are experts when it comes to coating application. They specialise in the application of their high-quality phenolic coating for heat exchangers and tubes, but they also apply a wide range of other excellent coatings. For example, you can also trust these experts when it comes to the application of powder coatings and non heat conductive coatings. Their high-quality coatings improve the resistance of your materials to corrosion and other external forces that can damage your machinery. This means that the maintenance costs of your materials will be reduced and their lifespan will be extended.

These coatings will improve the quality of your materials and reduce costs

The application of a coating takes place in three layers. At CP Phenolics, every layer gets an oven treatment according to a set schedule. This ensures that the layers will link together on a molecular level, which creates a high-quality coating that optimally protects your materials. By applying a coating to your machinery or containers, you dan greatly prolong the lifespan of your materials, as external factors such as erosion and corrosion will affect your materials far less. You will also need to spend far less money and time on the maintenance of your materials.

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Find out more about the application of a coating and its many benefits by reaching out to the experts at this company. You can also learn more about their industrial coating services on their website: Here, you can also find their contact details. Do not hesitate to reach out to these experts and send them your questions. They will gladly tell you more about the application of a phenolic coating, or any other type of coating, to your materials. These experts will find a solution that best fits your needs.