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Find a high-quality SGT-400 industrial gas turbine for sale from these specialists

At Skyline Turbine Services B.V. – based in the Netherlands – you will always find a high-quality gas turbine for sale, such as an SGT-400 industrial gas turbine. They offer a wide range of first-class gas turbines for sale, such as the SGT-100 industrial gas turbine, the SGT-400 industrial gas turbine or the SGT-200 gas turbine. However, in this article you will learn more about the trustworthy SGT-400 industrial gas turbine that these specialists offer. However, these experts do also supply, repair and overhaul these gas turbines and the supporting equipment. The company has an ISO 9001 certification, meaning they carry out a solid and globally recognized approach. Besides that, they continuously improve their processes. The experts also oversee possible business risks, all while meeting the demands and needs of their customers. Therefore, you are sure to buy a high-quality an SGT-400 industrial gas turbine from a reliable company with a lot of knowledge.

What does an SGT-400 industrial gas turbine do?

An SGT-400 industrial gas turbine, that these experts offer for sale, is a high-quality and trustworthy machine that offers various benefits. For example, the SGT-400 industrial gas turbine can burn a variety of fuel types, such as gases and liquids, due to controls technology. The SGT-400 industrial gas turbine is able to burn a maximum of 10 vol% of hydrogen, if DLE burners are added. The SGT-400 industrial gas turbine is able to burn up to 65 vol% of hydrogen, if constant NOx emission diffusion burners are added.

Browse their wide range of gas turbines

As you can tell, the SGT-400 industrial gas turbine is a true addition to every company that is active in the oil and gas industry. Browse all the high-quality gas turbines that these specialists offer and find the machine that fits your needs. If you would like to know more, do not hesitate to contact the experts. You find their phone number and e-mail address on their website.