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FIFA 21: Title Update #7

A few days ago, Electronic Arts has released the seventh update for FIFA 21 on the PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. This update affects the gameplay, FIFA Ultimate Team, Volta Football and makes changes to the game in general. This update will likely be one of the last major patches for 2020, concerning FIFA 21 on current generation consoles. Let us review the content of this patch.

As usual, let us start with the gameplay changes. The update has reduced the speed of the ball after performing a driven or a driven ground cross. According to the dev notes, this effect is more visible when users perform the move with a player who has a 75 or lower crossing rating. Volleys will be less accurate if performed after a high-speed pass. The referee AI has been adjusted to improve his logic when giving a yellow card. The patch has improved defenders interception logic when the ball carrier passes the ball.

The patch has also addressed the following issues concerning the gameplay. The animation selection logic has been improved for player-controlled goalkeepers when they try to make a save. Fouls that occur around the edge of the box will no longer result in incorrect ball placement. Referee’s AI has been improved in various situations. The Heel Chop Skill Move can now be performed while sprinting. There will be fewer cases where ball carriers stumble after a slight physical contact in the box.

In FUT, the opponent’s squad screen will no longer disappear too quickly when loading a squad battles match. Players will now be able to open Squad Building Challenge Reward Packs after they reach the previously set personal Pack Limit on FIFA. Additionally, the patch has fixed some stability issues that occurred when the Captain invited a friend to the Co-Op Lobby. In Volta Football, the UI will reflect the currently selected objective when users switch between tabs in Gear Up. The patch has also addressed issues that prevented players from matchmaking.

Concerning career mode, the update has changed the Match Sim UI during penalty kicks and penalty kick shootouts. Selecting the jump to result option after playing a part of a match will no longer prevent the correct tracking of your stats. In general, the patch has updated several kits as well as a stadium and the Connection Monitoring setting will now default to icons only. U7buy offers you FIFA coins at the best prices to help you build the ultimate team.


(Contributed by mezaoyabin; Edited by Hermes_Fang)