Crowdfunding tips


Tools If you have a large email list, use email platforms such as Mailchimp or Constant Contact. This will allow you to send various emails and increase your email open rate. The first day of the crowdfunding campaign is critical to its success. Now is the time to build the momentum you created in the pre-launch phase. In the second week after the launch, send an email to all those who have not yet contributed and provide them with the final deal. Remind them that even if they cannot contribute, they can provide support by spreading information to friends. During the event, you can make a limited-time rush, increase your efforts on social media, and create a messaging with the “last time” offer. Once the crowdfunding campaign is over and the product is on the market, raise the price to make your supporters feel that they are getting a special offer. Most importantly, send an email to thank them because they are your future customers. 


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crowdfunding tips

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