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Fashion and Clothing

Beautiful vintage clothing for wholesale

Brasco b.v. is your one-stop shop for wholesale vintage clothing from various time periods. A very popular example is the 90s. The experts at Brasco b.v. offer denim jackets, butterfly blouses, cotton shirts and maxi skirts, to make you feel like you are in the 90s again. All of these items are available in bulk, so you are surely able to fill up your entire store with the vintage clothing available for wholesale provided by these experts. You can order a smaller bag containing twenty kilograms of vintage 90s bulk, but you could also decide to order a large bulk bag containing one hundred kilograms of vintage clothing available for wholesale. Order your favourite items now and display them in your store very soon.

90s clothing never goes out of style

Clothing from the 90s keeps making its comeback in fashion. Various items remain popular to this day because this decade was characterised by a lot of different styles, such as bright colours, abstract prints and a loose fit. An example are the flared jeans that gained popularity during the 90s. You cannot walk the streets today without seeing multiple people wearing beautiful flared jeans. This means that flared jeans, along with other items from the 90s, cannot be missing in your vintage store. Order vintage clothing available for wholesale at Brasco b.v. and enjoy a wide range of high-quality clothing.

Enjoy fast shipping

Would you like to order vintage clothing available for wholesale? Take a look at the collection of Brasco b.v. and place your order right away. These experts will ship your order as soon as possible, meaning that you will receive it very soon as well. All of these items are reading to hit the shelves right away, as they have been checked for stains and holes thoroughly.