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An experienced company that provides you with a heated circulating water bath

A heated circulating water bath is laboratory equipment that enables rapid heating and cooling of samples by constantly circulating water. These constant temperature water baths guarantee efficient maintenance which can be performed over a wide range of temperatures. It is also possible to incubate samples in water at a constant temperature over a long period of time. Do you need a specialist that ensures you a high-quality heated circulating water bath? Then PolyScience is your right partner. This company is a leading producer of constant temperature control equipment. Customers throughout the world have applied the solutions of PolyScience since 1963. This makes this company the best lab partner for many purposes in the area of temperature control. They work on long term relationships with customers, manufacturers, and employees.

Various high-quality solutions for your laboratory projects

PolyScience provides their clients with almost 50 different solutions for their laboratory projects that require temperature control equipment: from a simple immersion circulator to economical open bath systems to a full-featured heated circulating water bath with ramp and soak capabilities. A heated circulating water bath is perfect for applications when temperature uniformity and consistency are critical. Enzymatic and serologic experiments are some examples of applications that require these laboratory water baths. One of the features of the applications from this company is the easy maintenance, which is a great benefit when the laboratory water bath is heavily-used. Moreover, a heated circulating water bath from PolyScience is relatively quiet, energy-saving, safe, and intuitive.

Count on a great service

Are you interested in a cooperation with this company or do you want more information about their applications? Do not hesitate to contact their specialists to ask your questions. You can also count on excellent support services when you have purchased a specific type of a heated circulating water bath. On orders over 500 euros you do not pay shipping costs and you always benefit from professional advice whenever you require it.