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A professional creasing and die cutting machine designed by experts

When you are looking for a new creasing and die cutting machine, it is important that you order the machine from a renowned name in the field of creasing and die cutting. This way, you are ensured of a machine that meets your business needs and standards. A real expert in the field will even be able to assemble a machine that is entirely tailored to your business operations. But where do you find a supplier like this? In Gyromag! This company has over thirty years of experience in the printing and paper processing industry which makes them a true specialist in the field. Hence, they are the ideal partner to do business with when wanting to buy a new creasing and die cutting machine.

The best quality machine specifically designed for your business operations

In the wide range of Gyromag, you can find both OFC and DFC types. The DFC, which stands for Digital Flexible Cut, die cutters are specifically designed for digital printers. The OFC type, which stands for Offset Flexible Cut, is specifically designed for the offset printer. What printer does your business work with? Simply answer that question and you will know which creasing and die cutting machine you should order. Are you not sure which one is best for you? Or do you have special requests? Then you can also count on Gyromag. The specialists even offer the opportunity to deliver custom-made machines for your business. Therefore, you are always ensured of finding a suitable machine for your business operations.

Inquire after the possibilities

Are you curious what the exact possibilities are when it comes to custom work? Or do you want to order one of the standard types from the range of Gyromag? In both cases, you best get in touch with the specialists by using the contact details on their website. The professionals happily inform you about all there is to know and help you pick the right machine for your business operations.