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7 things to do in Seville which can take your heart out

The beautiful alleys, the historical coma and, much more, Seville is a breathtaking place which attracts tourists from its beauty and art. If you are looking to visit amazing places in Spain, having a good rent a car service is really important for you.

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Top things to do in Seville:

If you want to ponder on what Seville is like, then let’s jump in and look at the 7 exciting things you should do when visiting Seville.

Plaza de Espana:

Roaming around the place, you will find it very interesting that it looks familiar to you; this is because even Hollywood wasn’t able to resist its beauty, and many movies were shot here.

It’s the perfect place to start because of the beautiful running water ponds and the architecture which was designed to reflect Seville and the culture there. 

The real Alcazar:

It would be stupid of you not to book a guided tour of this beautiful Spanish royal family place beforehand.

People wait hours in Queue just to look at the merely phenomenal design; the place was built in the 7th century and has been remodeled by several royal families since then.The archways, the gardens, the interior will take you to a fairy realm of your own.

The Seville cathedral:

This place is something beyond words; the vast architecture beauty will make you feel like an ant, the big pillars, the design, and the historical importance of the place is something indescribable.

The inside is gushed with religious portraits. Not to forget the bell tower which will aid you to overlook the large beautiful city.

Metropolis parasol:

Being one of the world’s most massive wooden bridges, there would be nothing like this that you have seen before.

You would feel like walking over a fascinating treehouse from where you can have the view of the whole city. Going down a little further, you will also notice the discovered remains from the ancient Roman times along with exciting food tapas all around.

Fill yourself at Mercado lonja:

Along with the riverside of Seville, you would find a buffet like space where there is every single local staple food available.

Here you would find all kinds of cured meats, tapas, and much more. Fill your plate and enjoy the view in the open while having an exotic snack.

Don’t miss a flamenco show:

Oh, we can’t even start to describe how this fantastic dance form represents the culture and art-filled Seville.

The foot-tapping, along with all the mind-blowing moves performed by the dancers for the tourist, is something you shouldn’t miss for anything!

Space, where the show is held, is beautiful and breathtaking, it’s a small courtyard with flowers hanging and bells tolling, there is no place where you would feel the city come alive more than here.

Torre del Oro:

The high tower located at the riverbank is a beautiful place to overlook the whole city, especially at night.

A museum and a tall tower are accompanying it; you wouldn’t want to miss seeing the city lights for a few euros. It won’t be wrong if we say that Seville is the heart of Spain and a city filled with love and life.

This is a very detailed list to enjoy your stay in Seville. You must not forget the value of rent a car service though.