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5 Smart solutions for hard-to-reach places

5 Smart solutions for hard-to-reach places

When doing jobs in and around the house, you sometimes face the challenge of reaching hard-to-reach places. Whether it’s replacing a lamp, hanging curtains or cleaning tall windows, it’s important to have the right tools to do these jobs safely and efficiently. In this article, we share five smart solutions that can help you reach hard-to-reach areas, including using a telescopic ladder.


Extendable extension poles

Extendable extension poles are a useful tool for reaching high objects, such as lamps or ceiling fans. These canes have telescopic sections that you can extend to create extra length. An attachment mechanism on the end lets you attach accessories such as lamp replacements or dusters to get the job done.


Magnetic grippers

A magnetic gripper is a clever invention for picking up small metal objects that are out of reach. These handy tools have a telescopic handle with a magnet on the end. You can use them to pick up metal screws, nails or other small metal objects without bending or stretching.


Flexible grippers

Flexible grippers are perfect for reaching objects in narrow or inaccessible spaces. These tools have a flexible, telescopic handle with a gripping mechanism on the end. You can use them to pick up fallen objects under furniture or reach items stuck in narrow spaces.


Ladder extensions

When you need a ladder to work at height, but the standard ladder is not high enough, consider using ladder extensions. These handy accessories attach to the top of your ladder and give you extra length and reach. This allows you to work safely and easily in higher places without having to purchase a larger ladder.


Telescopic ladder

For jobs where you regularly need to work at different heights, a telescopic ladder is a valuable tool. These ladders have an extendable design that allows you to adjust the height to suit your needs. They are compact, portable and easy to store. A telescopic ladder allows you to work safely and efficiently at different heights without having to use multiple ladders.