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4 reasons why SUP is a good idea during your holiday

Sport is healthy. We all know that. Probably you’ll manage to run your weekly run, or visit the gym once in a while. But then you go on holiday … And then you soon feel less inclined to put on your trainers.

Luckily you don’t have to wear them at Stand-Up Paddling, one of the fastest growing water sports of the moment. And rightly so! 4 reasons why SUP is a good idea during your holiday. As a work-out. Or not.

You train your whole body

At SUP, the name says it all, you stand upright on a surfboard while you move around with a paddle. The challenge is to keep your balance. You use your whole body. Of course your arms to paddle; but also your legs, shoulders, knees and your core play an important role. And all this without having to suffer in the gym. Because you can’t get out of breath. At the same time, you can have a nice chat with your travel companions!

Everyone can do it!

You don’t need any surfing experience or introductory course at all! You’re on your surfboard and you’re paddling. Age and fitness are much less important than in other outdoor sports. SUP is for everyone. Whether you are a fanatical athlete, or prefer to take it easy. A big tip for the second group: on your knees or sitting down is also a great solution. Even less tiring.

And that view

SUP is more than a sport. Whereas in other water and outdoor sports you have to keep your attention on the activity all the time, at SUP there is plenty of room to look around you in peace. Take your time and enjoy the surroundings. From the clear blue water. From the view. Take a dip. You get it.

You can do it anywhere

Unlike classic surfing or kite surfing, the wind is not necessary at SUP. It doesn’t even need to be done at sea. It can also be done on standing water or on rivers.

One last tip. Go once in a while on your shelf and enjoy. Floating under a bright sun. That makes even the most unsportsmanlike type happy!

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