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World of Pens

Pens have been around for a long time too, with different types to choose from. Traditional writing pens can be found with writing on top and ink inside the barrel. This makes writing with a fountain pen more difficult, as the ink must flow from the top to the bottom and will not come out in the middle. You also cannot write horizontally. You must either hold it vertically or horizontally. This, however, can be easily solved by using a flex nib. If you need to write an even number of lines, like a quill pen, you can hold it in a special “C” configuration. This design prevents the top ink from flowing out but allows the bottom ink to flow in.

Another well-known writing pen type is the rollerball. This type of pen has a roller ball in the body of the pen which does not lose its ink, but rolls instead, so the ink goes on and off the paper in an even fashion.

Of course, not all pens have nibs. A set of felt-tip pens are used for finer and thinner lines. You can get ink where they flow more easily. These pens tend to have an ink that has to be pumped out of the pen with air. There are also pens that use a fine or medium point, but they are more expensive. On the lower end of the price scale are plastic ballpoints. The tips may come off and their ink will smudge, so they are probably not the best option.

A Pen’s finest: the cross pen

Cross pens are known for their fine point. However, if you want to go over the phone with the pen, the clip will likely break. When getting a cross pen consider its ability to allow the paper to stretch. If you have a prescription or glasses, make sure that the back of the pen can move so that the pen won’t be too uncomfortable to hold. The pens, therefore, need to be firm enough to hold the paper but not so firm that it may damage your arm or shoulder.

If you are a writer or do a lot of writing with a pen, consider a cross pen. It’s nice that this pen has two different parts, which will give you even more versatility in your writing.

A Parker Jotter pen is a great way to transport your thoughts to paper. All you need is a pen and paper. The pen writes so well that you don’t have to worry about your hand shaking. The nib is smooth and ready for whatever you may write. They come in a range of different colours.

The best of the best

Alternatively, a Pwakkerman Montblanc, a pen from Germany, is a small pen with a matte finish that comes with a number of different colours. This pen can hold a fine line and can be written with a variety of colours.

A Lamy fountain pen is always great to have around. I like using the ballpoint pens because they are easier to write with, but if you need to write longer than a couple of lines, a regular pencil works great as well. Make sure to get a ballpoint that doesn’t leak ink when writing with it.