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This manufacturer produces the best industrial tubes

The best industrial tubes, it might sound hyperbolic and even pretentious, but Merinox truly is the best when it comes down to these products. As a manufacturer, they have been active since 1996, continuously expanding their market. They started in Rotterdam, but are currently active all over the world. Their satellite offices in Düsseldorf and Manchester service, respectively, Germany, Switzerland and Austria, and the UK and Ireland. From Rotterdam, they reach the Benelux and the rest of the world via the harbour. As such, they ensure their industrial tubes get to the customer as soon as possible. Learn more about these high-quality products.

Why their industrial tubes are ideal for your project

Thanks to their long-standing reputation in the industrial world, this expert has been able to build up an extensive stock from which they can ship tubes immediately after an order has been placed. They know what their (possible) customers need and provide it as soon as possible. As such, when you order industrial tubes with them, it does not take long before you can continue your project or fix a problem. For the shortest down-time possible, you count on this expert. They also have special alloys and make tubes on request, specifically for the dimensions your project needs. Even when these are very difficult dimensions, they provide tubes from the highest quality and perfect finish. Their alloys can withstand high temperatures, high pressure, hot steam, corrosive seawater, corrosive chemicals, petroleums, and more, of course depending on the type of alloy. Their seamless tubes are extra convenient, as their long-term maintenance is simplified significantly thanks to their being seamless.

Choose the best quality

Are you curious about what this expert can do for your company? Do you require more technical information about their industrial tubes? You will find what you are looking for on this expert’s website. Take a look and discover more details and all necessary contact information.