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The secret of real Italian pizza!

Who is going to make pizza at home, will often still have that delicious pizza from the summer holidays in Italy in mind. Often the search for the secret of the pizza begins with buying a pizza dough mix at the supermarket. Quite tasty, but not the pizza one dreams of. The next step is usually an Internet search for an Italian pizza dough recipe. That’s a lot closer to that pizza you ordered at that nice pizza restaurant the other day.

La vera pizza Napoletana!

In a nutshell: the real Italian pizza is a pizza with a thin pizza base and a slightly thicker rim of about 2 cm. The Italian pizza dough balls are preferably made of high-quality pizza flour, sea salt, water and yeast. The topping is preferably made of mozzarella, tomato, olive oil and basil.

The secret of real Italian pizza!

Now you can make “La vera pizza Italiana” at home! What exactly is this “La vera pizza Italiana”? Literally translated it means: the real Italian pizza! Or a pizza as they make it in Italy. But more often than not this means an original Italian pizza as baked in Naples. This is even going so far as to give the original Pizza Napoletana a protected status. That will be difficult, but it is now mainly seen as a hallmark for really good quality pizzas. To be compared with the Michelin star!

Baking in a very hot wood-fired pizza oven!

But perhaps the most distinctive feature of the ‘real Italian pizza’ is that it is baked in a very hot oven. In just a few minutes, the pizza is baked next to the wood fire, on the stone oven floor. The combination of pizza dough, heat in wood fire give the pizza their characteristics flavour and airiness. It is therefore preferable to eat the pizzas immediately after baking. That is when the smells and flavours are at their best. We too make our pizza bases according to the method used in Naples. But we know from experience that the secret of pizza lies in the wood-fired pizza oven.