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Solids Solutions powder and particle technology

Do you need knowledge in the field of powder and particle technology? Then you can contact Solids Solutions in Delft. Solids Solutions has been researching solid matter and the properties of powders and granulates here for some time now. These are applied in the development of products in various industries. We are happy to share our knowledge and experience with you. We do this in the form of presentations and seminars, but also by helping and advising in the development of specific products. If you get stuck in the development process, you can count on us. 

Nanoparticle research

Nanoparticles can be distinguished from other particles on the basis of a number of properties. A nanoparticle has a size between 1 and 100 nanometres and can be considered as an intermediate form between grains and loose molecules. Nanoparticles are being used in an increasing number of products and foodstuffs. Sometimes they are already present and sometimes they are added to improve the quality of a product. However, too little is still known about their impact on people and the environment. At Solids Solutions we therefore carry out extensive research into nanoparticles in order to find out more about these minuscule particles. More information about nanoparticle testing.

BET surface analysis of nanoparticles

A nanoparticle consists of a solid. In order to gain more insight into the properties of this substance, Solids Solutions carries out a BET surface analysis of nanoparticles, among other things. Gas adsorption is used to determine the BET surface of a solid. Gas, in most cases nitrogen, is adsorbed onto the surface of a substance. In this way, information can be obtained about the specific surface, but also about the pore volume and pore size distribution. Would you like more information about our research, or are you interested in attending a seminar or presentation? Then please contact us.