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Score better with your website in search engines through successful SEO = more visitors and customers


SEO Fundamentals (getting your website/webshop to score better in Google): why should you take this course?

SEO: quickly bring more relevant visitors to your website

SEO or search engine optimization comprises a collection of techniques to optimize your website or webshop for findability in search engines (mainly Google). After all, a few places higher or lower in these search engines can make a huge difference in the number of visits to your website. This can therefore cost you a lot of leads or sales opportunities, but also yield.


On average, 40-60% of new and returning visitors to a site come from search engines such as Google. In addition to advertising through SEA (also view the Google Ads Fundamentals course) is a good positioning on relevant search terms, therefore a crucial success factor in the success of a site. Because a site that is not found has less traffic and therefore produces insufficient results.


In this training we will work with SEO in a non-technical way. With a number of important techniques and points of attention, you can quickly optimize your findability and thus increase your brand awareness and attract more relevant visitors. The training is clear, to-the-point and immediately applicable to your own website.


Practical SEO training on campus with online follow-up session

In this training we work according to the hybrid principle: a full day on campus and an online follow-up session of half a day.


In the first part we meet physically to master the techniques of SEO. About two weeks after the first part, there is an online follow-up session where the knowledge gained is reviewed and the SEO actions performed by the participants are discussed.


By splitting the training into two parts, we can pass on both the theoretical knowledge to the students and we also ensure that this knowledge can be immediately applied in practice on their own site/webshop. As a student, you immediately receive a direct evaluation of your SEO actions and feedback, so that you know in which areas you are doing well and where you can make any improvements.


Your coach Lieven Van De Velde is an experienced digital SEO professional, manager and passionate speaker at numerous seminars. Lieven emphasizes interactivity and works very practically-oriented, so that you can answer all your questions related to this. can present specific cases.


This course is recognized for 3 hours of continuing education

Professional Institute of Real Estate Agents


During this SEO training, the following aspects will be covered:

How do you determine the right search terms to score on (search term analysis)?

How do you evaluate the position of your website in search engines?

Role of new content on SEO

Tools and plugins for SEO in various content management systems

How do you make site content relevant to the search engines?

Easy ways to optimize images and video for search engines

Local SEO to a local audience

Role of Google Business Profile (formerly Google MyBusiness) in SEO

How to gain authority and trust from the search bots

Using Google Search Console in SEO

Measuring and monitoring SEO

For whom?

Target audience

This SEO training is suitable for anyone who wants to quickly master the fundamentals of SEO: business managers, bloggers, marketeers, webmasters, people with their own webshop,…. You do not need any specific prior knowledge, although an interest in websites is of course recommended.


Extra information

You work on your own laptop during this course, so don’t forget to bring it with you.


seo check