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Looking for a mailbox?

Although nowadays much less mail is sent than before. Most households still use a letterbox. Many invoices nowadays go via email. But if you want to receive a nice magazine, for example, that is not possible by email. A letterbox still offers a solution. I don’t know what the rules are in England regarding mailboxes and mail received. Our company itself comes from the Netherlands. Rules that apply to us are, for example, that every household must have a letterbox. That may be a letterbox in the door. But that is only allowed if it is no more than ten meters from the public road. Is that the case? Then one has to hang a separate letterbox somewhere. You can do that on the wall of your home or on a fence.

In the Netherlands we see a huge increase in online purchases. More and more people shop online and have their packages delivered at home. This is useful, but not if you are not at home at the time. Sometimes the package is with your neighbors or you have to collect it somewhere at a service point. To prevent this, we now also sell special package mailboxes. These are a bit larger than you are normally used to. Most package buses are made in such a way that another cannot take out packages. So there is a kind of security lock on it. That is also necessary. Otherwise, thieves will lurk and steal the packets. The package buses are not cheap. They are made of very thick and heavy material. It is a pity that we do not yet ship to addresses in England. Maybe we’ll do that in the future. In any case, let us know that you are interested. The more reactions, the faster we can convince the management that we must also start selling mailboxes in the UK. Do you want to see what types of buses we sell? Take a look at our site. You can also find us via google if you search for the word “brievenbus“.