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Illustrating an Overview of Indian Film Visa

The film industry has spread its wings to cover almost every corner of the world for shooting films, tv series, or reality shows. Different places expose the people from around the world, who are looking for shooting feature films or cinema, reality tv shows, and tv serials, to beautiful and serene scenic view that enhance their cinematographic efforts. Because of the presence of different landscapes and colorful culture, India has always been an ideal film shooting destination for several filmmakers from around the world who get fascinated by the beautiful mountains and awe-inspiring view of many other landscapes and deem that this place best serves their shooting purpose. However, to be able to shoot films or serials in India, foreigners are required to obtain an Indian film visa.

Foreigners who have the possession of an Indian visa for filming in India should adhere to certain rule and regulation during their stay and must not cross any non-permitted area. All the transactions for the shooting of films should be done according to the guidelines of the Reserve Bank of India. An Indian film visa is project specific that means it is granted depending upon the project and time needed to complete it. Film visa is granted to those foreign nationals who want to undertake activities like feature film shooting, television shooting, reality tv show shooting, commercial serial shooting, and cinema shooting in India. Also, to be eligible to get an Indian film visa, the individuals are required to possess a valid passport.

Once the applicant has submitted the visa application through Indian visa online portal, it is reviewed by the ministry of information and broadcasting of India which might take as long as sixty days to convey the film visa approval or disapproval. Film visa is issued to foreign nationals for a duration of one year or as per the submitted schedule time of the project, whichever is early. This validity starts from the date of issuance, not from the date of entry with permitted single, double, and multiple entries.

Furthermore, the international cast and crew coming to India for shooting film should be employed by a foreign company that takes the responsibility of the crew and cast. Also, the foreign filmmakers, cast, and crew who are coming to India are required to register themselves with FRRO or FRO concerned. All the foreigners should note that if they are willing to come to India to shoot a documentary film or advertisement film, they should apply for a journalist visa. Moreover, film interns who intend to travel to India to work in Indian media organization should apply for an employment visa.

The number of documents required to obtain an Indian film visa is large as compared to other visa types. The applicants should submit the following documents along with the application form-

– the Indian embassy asks the applicants to upload a photograph in the application form submitted in the BLS center.

– no scanned copy of a signature is required

– approval of information and broadcasting ministry allowing film shooting in India.

– a valid passport with at least six months of validity from the intended date of return from India along with the photocopy of the bio page of the passport.

– copy of the reservation ticket and not confirmed tickets are also needed to be given at the time of submission of the application.

– proof of financial standing or the recent bank statement

– a document stating the type production whether it is a feature film, reality tv show, or commercial tv serial.

– complete address of shooting location

– phone or fax number and email

Once, the visa approval is granted, Indian film visa regime allows a maximum of 125 crew members on a single project to come in India which can be extended as per the case.