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How to fix an offshore pipeline system with repair parts

It is much more cost-effective to repair the broken part of the pipeline, instead of re-laying the whole pipeline. Do you know where your leak or defect is in your offshore or onshore oil pipe and do you want to buy the right repair products? Romacon Petro B.V. provides various professional offshore pipeline repair products, such as high pressure pipe repair clamps for leaks. This clamp for offshore or onshore leaks repairs malfunctions of water, gas, oil and steam pipelines up to a working pressure of 10 bar. Therefore, as a result of this clamp, you do not need to develop a completely new pipeline.

Opt for a cost-effective solution

The experts at Romacon Petro B.V. have multiple solutions to help you repair your oil pipe, steam pipe or other type of offshore pipeline. Their repair solutions, like high pressure pipe repair clamps, are compliant with all crude-oil services, including acidic petroleum up to 191°C. In the assortment of this expert, you will also find repair clamps specifically made for high pressure pipe systems. With split barrels, it is possible to repair an oil pipe or any other type of pipeline without removing its broken coupling. This high pressure repair clamp is well suited for the pressure up to 40 bar and is easily applied to the pipe under harsh and wet conditions.

Benefit from a fast delivery time

You can be informed about the prices of the offshore pipeline repair products, clamps for pipeline leaks and other goods through the means of an obligation-free estimate. Once you confirm your order, you benefit from a rapid delivery to your site, onshore or offshore. Of course, these specialists are available to provide you with individual advice. Because of their high-quality service and quick lines of contact, a fast repair of your pipeline system is assured. Visit and make use of the contact form or call to speak directly with a specialist.