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How to create an Instagram profile?

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Instagram’s interface is completely different from the look of other social networks – here, when you get into your profile, someone sees only photos at first. It is important that the profile image is beautiful and thoughtful: it will drive users to sign up, improve usability and reduce advertising costs.

Compliance with the branding of the brand

To make your Instagram profile recognizable, it is important to stick to your brand identity. It is of course not necessary to completely copy the design of the site or product packaging, but the overall style must be recognizable.

Choosing a color palette

To combine photos taken in different subjects and lighting, it is important to choose one color palette for the profile. This will help achieve harmony.

Correct composition

A single style is enough if you just post beautiful photos on Instagram. But if you plan on making money on Instagram, you should move on. And for starters – to understand the composition rules that apply when shooting a subject.

The correct composition has:

focus: the subject you want to focus on;

props: surrounding objects that create a plot and atmosphere;

negative space: the background on which the gaze rests. It makes the photo less cluttered and also creates the subject and atmosphere.

Build your profile visuals based on these rules. For example, use product catalog photos as focus, lifestyle product photos as props, and entertainment posts as negative space.

Content placement

Many brands and bloggers post content following a pattern the reader is accustomed to.

Color accents

In addition to the location of the shots, you can play with the color scheme.

Instagram: useful tools and apps


A cool app with a nice interface for visually planning Instagram content. Only works with IOS.

  • you can work for free;
  • you can upload multiple images at the same time to understand how they will look in your profile;
  • you can move the photo within your simulated profile feed to find the most attractive option;
  • there is a feature to switch between accounts (only in the paid version);
  • photos are published at the click of a button.

UNUM – Design perfection

Another app for creating a beautiful Instagram feed.

you can save content in the application so that you do not have to search for it in the phone gallery later;

visual post planner, the ability to change the order of photos in the feed by dragging and dropping;

photo editor and color correction in the application;

tons of free photo filters;

statistics of the best time to post to your account and other analytics.

The application only works in English. The main functionality is free, the full version requires a monthly subscription.

Service for sales and support in messengers. You can connect WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, Skype, Facebook Messenger to it and add a link to your website or landing page.

This allows you to add all communication methods to your profile description via one link. The service has a free plan and two paid with advanced features: $ 4 and $ 9 month.


Perhaps the most popular application for processing photos from a smartphone. VSCO is very simple, even a beginner can find out. But at the same time, the service allows you to fine-tune the image and turn even the most ordinary looking photo into a candy.

There are free filters in VSCO, but the developers left the most interesting for the VSCO X version ($ 20 / year) or download for a fee.


A program that allows you to create Instagram story templates quickly and easily. Here you can add text, graphics and images to ready-made templates. The basic version of Easel is free, for advanced features you have to pay from $ 7.5 / month.


Free Stories app available for IOS. Perfect for fashion, travel and lifestyle stories. There are already stylish, minimalist templates here that will help you create compelling stories effortlessly. Unfold is very easy to use, great for both personal and commercial stories.

And finally, whatever color palette and layout you choose, never be afraid to change and try something new. Trends are constantly updated, and with it the perception of Instagram.

Experiment, test, draw, create. And don’t forget, you don’t have to be perfect to be liked …

….. more info can be found here «Road to 100k Instagram Followers»!

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