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How much do you need to pay for a cremation in Holland

What does a cremation in 2019 cost?

A cremation in the Netherlands costs between 4000 and 7000 euros. The choice for cremation is increasing considerably in the Netherlands. The personal wishes of the insured largely determine the total cremation costs. A lot of dutch people still ask wat kost een crematie because the costs are rising yearly.

What does an average cremation cost

On average, a cremation therefore costs around 6,000 euros in the Netherlands. You should think of basic costs such as the last care of the deceased, the laying out of the deceased in the funeral home or at home and the funeral cards that must be sent. 

What exactly is a cremation?

If you make a choice for a cremation, the remains are burned to ashes. In the Netherlands this is always done through a crematorium. During a cremation, surviving relatives in an auditorium can say goodbye to the deceased, the interpretation is often personal and specially arranged as the deceased or surviving relatives have decided.

What happens after the cremation?

When the farewell ceremony is over, the deceased is taken to the oven. It is common for a refractory stone to be placed on the crate, this unique number is needed so that they always know who the remains are from.

A mistake would of course be out of the question. The deceased is transferred by special transport to where the person is cremated at a temperature of around 800 degrees. as a surviving relative you can choose whether you want to be present at this process. Do you want to know more about the entire funeral costs or do you still need to do research? Then read our handy guide about the costs of a funeral.

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Quick tips for investigating

  • How much does a cremation cost is not always the right question, it is much smarter to choose a policy that has good conditions, ample coverage and a competitive premium.
  • Always make sure that you properly compare different insurers and the type of funeral insurance when comparing.
  • In general it is best to opt for a policy with a low premium and a high insured amount, also take a look at the conditions that apply.
  • View our table of contents to have a direct overview of all important topics when choosing a cheap cremation insurance policy in the Netherlands.


How does a cremation work?

A cremation works as follows. On the chosen day of cremation, the oven is lit in the morning, as soon as the oven has reached a temperature of 800 degrees, the first crate can be burned.

The oven must reach a temperature of 1200 degrees to bandage the body. The entire process of cremating a body takes about an hour and a half.

The use of the box has an additional function, because the wood of the box ensures that the combustion process is accelerated. After cremation, the ash remains for the surviving relatives are collected. If coarse residues are left behind, these are finely ground where possible by the cremulator, a so-called ash mill.

The basic costs of a cremation

The last care of a deceased person costs around 150 euros. Laying out in a funeral home costs around 600 euros while laying out at home costs around 400 euros. If surviving relatives would like to send mourning cards, this will quickly cost between 150 and 550 euros.

The transport of the deceased is 400 euros and every following car that is needed costs 200 euros. The final cremation costs between 1,000 and 1,500 euros. You pay for the use of the crematorium and the auditorium. If you would like to buy a basic funeral arrangement, you pay 100 euros. You quickly pay 1,000 euros for an advertisement in a national newspaper.

Costs simple cremation

The costs for a simple cremation are between 3500 and 5000 euros. You can, after all, save on cremation costs by relieving many relatives themselves of the relatives themselves. For example, you can decide not to rent follow-on cars, to take care of the catering yourself or to keep the cremation small-scale.

Additional costs of a cremation

It often happens that a cremation is held at the weekend. The costs for a cremation at the weekend are usually higher than for a cremation that takes place during the week. This is due to the weekend surcharge, while other costs such as funeral transport often cause the costs to rise.

Costs are also charged for the destination of the ash after cremation. It is possible that surviving relatives want to scatter the ashes in the sea or on a stray field. That costs an average of 90 euros.

You can also decide to keep the ashes in an urn. An urn also has no varied price. You can already purchase an urn for 70 euros to around 500 euros. The urn can be in an urn wall at the cemetery or at the crematorium for five years. The costs for this are 340 euros. Read more about the total funeral costs here.