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How do microwaves work and what is the best type

How do combi microwaves work?

A combi magnetron offers more cooking flexibility than a standard microwave. This is because a microwave energy, a grill and convection wiew (hot air) combination can be redone, roast, fry and brown like a large conventional oven.

buy the best combi microwave If you just want to expand the limits of microwave cooking and do more than just heat and defrost soup, buying a combi microwave is a good choice. You can bake cakes in a combi and you can cook independently or together with the heat sources.

Advance programs can be the best of the food in the microwave, cooks, how to eat the microwave, convection and grill, without that their needs are set. Take a look at your microwave’s manual for guidelines for different kitchens.

Accessories such as vegetable and rice stewers and tanning plates can help you achieve the right finish and prepare healthy and tasty meals.


Advantages and disadvantages of combi microwaves

  • Provide additional cooking options with standard microwaves
  • Can cook in the same way as a standard conventional oven, but faster
  • Often have a hoop of additional automatic functions and functions
  • They can become just like normal microwaves in your kitchen
  • They are smaller than known ovens


  • They are more expensive than other types of microwaves
  • A basic microwave may be sufficient if you simply want to heat and defrost food
  • It does not always have the same results as a separate oven. We steep that when baking certain foods it cannot create from a strange oven
  • They are not as large on the inside as a conventional oven