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How can you adjust the Samsung Bixby button?

With an update you can now make the Bixby button on your Samsung smartphone a lot more useful. It is possible to use different high-end Samsung phones for another app of action. In this article you can read how it works.

Customize Samsung Bixby button: this is how it works

It was recently announced that it is possible on the Samsung Galaxy S10, S10 Plus and S10e to be used for other apps, instead of just the digital assistant. Samsung promised shorter download this option also to ‘older’ smartphones, in the form of a software update. That update is available from today.

Were your latest Bixby updates available for download in the Galaxy Store. These are available for the Galaxy S9 (Plus), Galaxy S8 (Plus), Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy Note 8. Once you’ve done this, you can remake the Bixby button via the settings of the Samsung device, or: the button another give function.

  • First make sure you have set up Bixby updates via the Galaxy Store. Open the app store, tap the three dots at the top right and choose “My Pages.” At ‘Update’ you can update the updates;
  • Are the most common versions, then go to the Settings app of your Samsung phone;
  • Select ‘Gistieke functions’ here;
  • At the top is now the ‘Bixby button’ option. Here you can choose a new function for the button.

Customize Samsung bixby button

There is, however, a snag. You have made a choice from the Bixby button one of two times when you are open to open your app, the other option is always used for Bixby Home. Select a few clicks to open the Gmail app, then Bixby Home will always be opened when you press twice. Conversely, the same includes: choose twice for Gmail, then Bixby Home opens once.

It is also important to know that Bixby Voice is always activated when you do not keep an eye on the Bixby button. You cannot disable this either, and it means that you cannot disable Bixby completely.