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Health care insurance for flex migrant in the Netherlands

Are you coming to the Netherlands to work as a flex migrant? In that case, do not forget to take out health insurance here. This is compulsory for everyone who comes to live here for a longer period. This also applies if you already have health insurance in your home country. You can take out health insurance in the Netherlands as soon as you are registered with the municipality where you are going to live. In some cases, your employer will arrange health insurance for you, so that you do not have to do this yourself. After all, there is already enough to think about when you go to live abroad.

HollandZorg insurance for foreign employees

Do you find it difficult to choose the right health insurance for your situation? HollandZorg has set up an insurance specifically for migrant workers. This makes it just a little bit easier to take out a suitable health insurance. And you have the possibility to stop your health insurance temporarily. For instance, when you return to your home country for a certain period.

Benefits for the employer

A HollandZorg health insurance is not only advantageous for employees, but also for employers. If you employ foreign workers, you can easily take out flexmigrant health insurance for them. You can also apply for care allowance for your employees if they are entitled to it. For this purpose, we have created a link with the Tax and Customs Administration. In addition, our business portal gives you insight into your employees’ policy administration. We make both registering and deregistering employees as easy as possible. This is very convenient when there are many changes of personnel. Are you interested in HollandZorg healthcare insurance, for yourself or your employees? Please feel free to contact us for more information.