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Gas detection systems for industrial workplaces

WatchGas is a Dutch manufacturer of gas detection equipment. Are you working in an industrial workplace? Then it is important to install the right kind of gas detection system for defence against the dangers of undetected gas leaks. Dangerous gases are a common hazard in all kinds of working areas. Therefore it is important to understand how your gas detection system works and to select the right kind of equipment with the help of this manufacturer.

What kind of gas detection equipment can you find here?

WatchGas makes all kinds of gas detection equipment for different kinds of workplaces. Are you looking for fixed or portable gas detectors? In this webshop you can find various gas detectors that will help keep your workplace safe. There are single gas detectors but also multiple gas detectors. For example, with a 4-way gas detection system, you can protect your employees from the four most common dangerous gases. These include:

–        Flammable Gases

–        Oxygen depletion

–        Hydrogen Sulfide

–        Carbon Monoxide

These gases can be either explosive, toxic or flammable and can cause serious health issues. In some cases, being exposed to these gases for a long amount of time, this can even be deadly. Because most of these gases are colorless and odorless, they are considered silent killers. Therefore it is very important to install the right kind of gas detection system which you can buy at this manufacturer.

Find out all about safety at your workplace

Are you interested in buying gas detection equipment from a professional manufacturer? At you can find all kinds of gas detectors. If you would like professional advice, then do not hesitate to contact the experts from WatchGas. They will gladly tell you all about their products and accessories, to help keep your workplace safe.