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FIFA 21: Dua Lipa And Other Celebrities

Dua Lipa already has the uniform, socks and cleats ready to go to play on the FIFA 21 courts. According to the official statement from EA Sports, David Beckham and DJ Snake, among other celebrities, are also added to the line-up.

Dua Lipa will be one of the faces and avatars available in FIFA 21’s Volta Football mode, pitting small teams against each other at stylish head-to-head street matches. So we predict that the next matches on the court will have some glamour.

The peculiar animations of the singer in the video game caught the attention of several users as a strategy to make the game experience more entertaining and varied. Some users saw a peculiar animation that caught their attention because of how Dua Lipa interacts with her teammates.  

How do soccer players celebrate when they score a goal? Generally, they pat each other on the back, stomach, buttocks or chest as a symbol of camaraderie. However, how the FIFA 21 game included Dua Lipa among the celebrities who can enter the games caused disagreements because her colleagues celebrate with her in the same way that they would as if she were a man.

On the other hand, others were moved by the fact of being able to play with one of the most famous pop singers of the moment, within the virtual field as a forward, defence or even a goalkeeper.

Also featured will be Formula One drivers like Lewis Hamilton and Daniel Ricciardo, NBA basketball player Joel Embiid and someone named Fred, who we think may be a YouTuber of some renown. What’s more, the FIFA 21 soundtrack includes a track from Dua Lipa’s Club Future Nostalgia remix album, the Blessed Madonna’s remix of “Love Is Religion.” Other artists who will appear on the official soundtrack are Stormzy, Fredo, Tame Impala, P Money, and Che Lingo.

Consequently, we do not doubt that in the not too distant future the artists of the soundtrack will appear on one of these courts.

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(Contributed by Guillermo Bisbal; Edited by Hermes_Fang)