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Employ the services of our aeromedical examiner for your aviation personnel

Before any pilot – whether professional or recreational – receives clearance to fly, they must by certified to do so by a professional aeromedical examiner. Said aeromedical examiner is obligated to check whether the pilot is medically capable of flying. In short, the examiner must thoroughly examine the health of each and every pilot before they take to the skies. After all, certain medical issues can negatively influence the pilot’s performance, leading to catastrophic results. To avoid dangerous situations, a pilot must be declared fit and healthy by a medical examiner. Sky Medical Center is a specialist aeromedical examiner which offers its services to a wide range of aviation personnel.

Various examinations for aviation personnel

Sky Medical Center offers various examinations for aircraft personnel. This ranges from EASA examinations for both commercial and recreational purposes, as well as FAA Class 1, Class 2 and Class 3 examinations. However, the company’s aeromedical examiner not only serves pilots, but other personnel as well. For instance, cabin crew and flight attendants can receive EASA certification too. Even skydiving instructors and drone pilots can request the services of these experts, situated near Eindhoven Airport in the Netherlands.

Discover the benefits of employing this expert aeromedical center

Sky Medical Center not only offers a wide range of examinations, the company also offers many benefits to its clients. For instance, the speed at which the aeromedical examiner works. If no further testing is required, aviation personnel will generally receive their EASA medical certificate on the same day as the examination. In many cases, it is even possible to request an appointment for your examination on the very same day. Plus, Sky Medical Center is very accessible, as they are located right next to Eindhoven Airport terminal. Despite the excellent services offered by this company, you do not have to pay through the nose for your examination. The center offers very competitive rates which can be found in detail on their site. As such, you always know exactly how much you will pay for your visit to their aeromedical examiner. Do not hesitate and book your appointment today and get cleared to fly as soon as possible.