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Ecological firestarters: non-explosive, non-toxic and sustainable

Do you often light up your stove, barbecue and/or fireplace? Then it is a good idea to switch from using regular, toxic firelighters to the use of ecological firestarters – a healthy, green, environment friendly alternative. When you light fires in a traditional manner, especially indoors, noxious smoke is being created, which can be bad for your own health as well as that of the planet. Luckily, there is a innovative, ‘healthy’ way to start lighting fires in a sustainable manner. Fire-Up International develops and manufactures fire-related products for stoves, barbecues and fireplaces, that were produced with ‘green’, sustainable methods. Nowadays, the professional is known for its assortment of ecological products, that are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Non-toxic alternatives to regular firelighters

The ecological firestarters that were developed and manufactured by the green, innovative company come with a lot of benefits. For instance, all firelighters were made from FSC or PEFC certified wood, which are sustainable materials. Because the company only uses vegetable oil in its production rather than paraffin, the firelighters are non-toxic and safe to use in any location. Because the ecological firestarters are not harmful, they can be stored near foods, without any problematic consequences. As a much safer alternative to regular firelighters, the ecological firestarters are non-explosive, ignite smoothly and can even burn up for six to twenty minutes. On top of that, they will not dry out and lose their fire power after opening. Lastly, but not least: the firelighters are not greasy or oily and do not carry a unpleasant smell. All of the benefits listed above, make that the sustainable firelighters, manufactured by Fire-Up International, are the perfect products to purchase, if you regularly light fires.

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