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D2 Racing Sport

D2 racing sport has focused on the expansion and manufacture of high-performance Coilover, forged wheels, and brake parts for both off-road and street use in Taiwan. D2 racing has weekend enthusiasts and devoted track competitors covered with hundreds of Coilover applications, lowering springs, big brakes kits, suspension tuning elements, air suspensions, and accessories.

All D2 racing Sports inventions are designed, built, and tested in the state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and met the best quality control standards. They have so far estimated 3500 applications for brake structures, air suspension kits, and coilovers in their manufacturing line and regularly develop new appliances. D2 racing sport has also been proffering private brand service to many companies worldwide for a long time.

D2 racing teams are all over the world. They form an extremely sturdy and organized marketing system to deal out their products internationally.


D2 Racing big brake kits

Set out fast and impede faster. The kits offer stern braking control while the need is extreme. You will find brake kits for both back and front brakes at D2 racing sports. Brake pads, stainless steel brake lines, and all hardware are included for a direct bolt-on fitting with no alterations necessary.

D2 racing Monoblock calipers are accurately machined from airplane eminence-based aluminum and feature strong aluminum pistons attached to anti temperature seals. The high-performance calipers use lightweight construction, providing a spectacularly braking performance. The rotors in D2 racing big brake kits feature a two-piece design with slotted or drilled facades, minimizing fade and dispel heat under the tremendous braking.

The pots’ figure of the calipers plays a part in the pads’ pressure to make contact as subtle as feasible on the rotors. On an excellent caliper on your original casing, D2 racing provides caliper cohort to pose the calipers by the new braking structure producing the ideal setup for your car brakes structure.


Product features

Discs size from 286 to 444mm, Monoblock calipers available in 4,6,8 and 12 pot,Fixed or floating discs,TUV ISO 9001, Five years warranty, street calipers.

The kit includes; a duo of race design rotors, a duo of lightweight, strong Monoblock aluminum calipers, a duo of steel brackets, a duo of braided brake lines, and lightweight aluminum bells, a full-fitting kit, a set of brake pads, and a fitting guide.

D2 racing brake discs are obtainable in diverse sizes; 286mm*26mm apposite for 15-inch wheels or above and 444mm*36mm apposite for 22-inch wheels and above. The evasion colour for D2 racing calipers is deep red. However, they are also available in purple, yellow, and black.