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Buy your favourite pair of Nike Air Jordan 1 Mid in this online sneaker store

Exclusive sneakers are what make your outfit more or less of a statement! If you need help finding the most exciting new models, then Sneakin has got you covered. Next to their extensive online collection you can also visit their store in Amsterdam-Duivendrecht. Here you will find the most exclusive sneakers from a large variety of brands, ranging from Nike to Yeezy. But there is one kind of sneaker that we would like to highlight and that is the Nike Air Jordan 1 Mid. But what makes this sneaker one of our actual favourites?

What makes a Jordan so special?

You may realise it from its name, but the Nike Air Jordan 1 Mid is a hybrid sneaker that combines two classics into one. It is between the Jordan 1 High and the Jordan 1 Low and is inspired by the original High-model from 1985. Nike Air Jordan 1 Mid has been produced in miscellaneous colourways and in a variety of quantities. In other words, whether you want the most exclusive sneakers or simply want a more special one than you find in the regular store, this model is the one you should look at. The Chicago design has a red and black classic combination, whereas there are other bolder types as well. Sport your favourite colour like orange or pink with the new Jordan 1 Mid sneakers. Which one fits your style?

Get all of your sneaker questions answered by this specialist in sneaker

If you have any questions regarding the Nike Air Jordan 1 Mid-collection or would like to know when the release date for a new colourway is, do not hesitate to contact the sneakerheads over at Sneakin. They are more than happy to provide you with more information on upcoming releases, reservations, and more. You can find the contact information on their website, like their email.