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Building a camper bed: What are the options?

Do you wanna build a camper bed? It’s easier than you think. And fortunately, many have already gone before you. Building a camper bed: How do you do that? Fortunately, you can get inspiration from other do-it-yourself builders. Such as, for example, the camper construction experts from by NOMADS. They have already built two motorhomes and you therefore know everything about building a motorhome bed.

They decided to build in a sofa bed in their first motorhome. That means you can turn it into a bed as well as a sofa. Very practical if, for example, the space in the motorhome is not that big. Their first campervan was a small van. The space in this camper was not large, so they opted for a sofa bed construction.

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For example, they made two separate benches with a seat that you can open and close. This also gives you extra storage space in the benches in your motorhome. They then disassembled the table so that the table top could be used as a bed. They also had two separate shelves to complete the surface for the bed.

Would you like to build a bed in a larger motorhome? Then it is better to build a larger camper bed. That’s what the camper construction experts from by NOMADS did with their second camper. They built a fixed length bed with a wonderfully large mattress. The construction was very simple and robust.

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Similarly, you also have do-it-yourselfers who choose to build a camper bed that lies across. This saves space in your motorhome. Unfortunately, if you are a tall person, this is not very useful. Another disadvantage is that you have to crawl over each other if, for example, someone has to pee.

Would you like to know more about building a motorhome bed? Check out the website of by NOMADS where they have written an extensive blog about building a camper bed. You can find several videos and a free e-book on their website that will help you build a motorhome. Very handy to download that directly.