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A reliable supplier of marine equipment

If your business uses pontoons and vessels for marine projects, you need reliable on-deck equipment to carry out your duties at sea. Whether you are active on- or offshore or both, the tools you use in and near seawater have to meet certain standards and possess certain qualities. M.E.S. will gladly provide you with high-quality materials that will help you complete your tasks.

Why purchase your tools from these experts?

There are multiple reasons why it is the right choice to purchase your professional marine equipment form these professionals. Firstly, they are able to complete most processes in-house, which results in shorter shipping times and less costs for you. Secondly, they expand their offer each year, to keep up with the current developments in the marine industry. Thanks to their broad and ever-expanding range of products, you will find everything you need without needing to consult multiple suppliers. Another advantage of having these specialists supply you with equipment, is that you can have some products custom made. The CALM buoy and Tomboy TH 40 workboat are two examples of supplies that they can alter to fit your specific needs. If you appoint M.E.S. as your supplier, you can also take advantage of their maintenance services. After all, they know their products best. That way, you can be certain that the systems you use are in the right condition to be used for important jobs.

Order your systems from their warehouse

These experts have years of experience in designing, selling and maintaining on- and offshore equipment. Their offer of marine equipment is sure to provide you with anything you may need. Do you need their expert advice to make a decision? Or do you have any questions? Feel free to phone them or get into contact with them otherwise. They will gladly answer your queries and make sure you have a satisfying shopping experience.